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the South Rift

Vision | A healthy and intact landscape that sustains pastoralist communities and wildlife

Mission | To maintain a healthy connected landscape for people and wildlife in Kenya’s South Rift

Our Landscape

We work in Kenya’s South Rift Valley, a bridge between the Maasai Mara and Amboseli. In this area, local Maasai communities have lived with their livestock alongside wildlife, forests, and grasslands, maintaining a landscape of exceptional biological and cultural diversity. This rangeland hosts one of the richest large mammal populations on earth, including both wildlife and livestock. This co-existence is enabled primarily by the communal and semi-nomadic form of local land use, which encourages mobility to ensure survival. Today, this is an increasingly threatened landscape, confronting a growing population, a culture in transition, and land use changes that threaten both wildlife and their livestock.

Our Approach

SORALO is a community-based and community-driven land trust established in 2004 to unite 16 Maasai communities in the management and security of their landscape. Our approach is founded upon two Maasai cultural concepts:

Enkop’ang | our good land, our common identity, our common pride  

Erematare | stewardship and care over common resources 

Our Role

Our primary role is to ensure the integrity of this landscape for the benefit of its people and wildlife. We work to help communities in this landscape secure rights to their land, develop management systems to keep the landscape healthy and intact, and create economic opportunities. We continue to develop innovative local conservation models that promote coexistence of people and wildlife, cultural and ecological conservation, and community empowerment.

1.5 Million Hectares

240,000 People

34 Scouts

16 Maasai Communities