Return of the Graceful Elephants

The return of significant numbers of elephants to the Shompole and Olkiramatian community lands speaks to the success of the community-based conservation efforts ongoing in this area. This story is best told in the words of Albert Kuseyo, a community member, leader and former elephant research assistant: ‘When I was growing up in this area

Nurturing Young Conservation Leaders

The unique landscapes of the South Rift, and the continued coexistence of people and wildlife, are largely based on the traditions and customs of the area’s resident Maasai communities. A core part of SORALO’s strategy is a recognition that for the continued protection of these landscapes and local tolerance of wildlife, the community values that

Online Fundraising Campaign

We are trying something we have never tried before, and we need help to make it work. For the first time in our history, SORALO has launched an online fundraising campaign and we need help to spread the word, and gain the support for the work we feel is important and we would like to
Sometimes your own story is best told by someone else. Someone from the outside looking in. We were very privileged to have one such person, journalist Michael Parks, visit the South Rift landscape, its people and our projects and write up his experiences for a featured article in the online news provider Mongabay. Here is
What started over a decade ago as a humble campsite for the first researchers in the region is now a fully-fledged community resource centre thanks to support from the local communities, SORALO and the African Conservation Centre. Aptly named after the Maasai concept of ‘elenore’ meaning the search for and use of information (usually associated
A decade or so into our existence, we decided it was time to learn from our successes and failures and pull our collective experiences into a clearer path forward. So, with support from our capacity development partner Maliasili, in 2018 we continued to redefine our strategy, clarify our internal organisational structure and give ourselves a